On the Cover!

Top Acts of 2017

Cloning Act: Sadly, the Pepper tree was reduced to a 12 foot stump but fortunately City officials intend to clone its sprouts and sell to anyone wanting their own Pepper tree.

Disappearing Act: Laguna was swept up in the solar eclipse hysteria but proved most exciting for Lagunans willing to travel for the ultimate view.

Protest Act: This year a tie was granted between the Women’s March protest in January and the protest for America First! in August. Thankfully, each was peaceful.

Act of Domination: Laguna bred skimboarders dominated the World Championship at Aliso Beach coinciding with City Council’s declaration that Laguna has become the Skimboard Capital of the World.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Act: Kelly McIntyre was Janis Joplin reincarnated at Laguna Playhouse in “A Night With Janis Joplin”.

Clean/Clear Air Act: Nobody mess with our air and sky! This year ordinances were passed keeping us smoke free and nearly drone free.

Act of Bravery: Fast acting Laguna Beach lifeguard, Jerod McMillon, jumped into action saving the life of a choking 10-month-old baby.

Miracle Act: Local Jason Mueller put the buddy system to work after pulling his stand up paddle companion, Pamela Simpson, onto his board while she was suffering a seizure on the open waters.

Proclamation Act: Hear ye, Hear ye! Laguna Beach has officially declared June to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Heritage and Culture Month!

National Velvet Act: “Crystal”, a white Arabian mare leaped her Canyon home fence for greener pastures. Luckily she was returned home safely.

Robbery Act: Fedora donning burglar, Edward Torrison, was eventually nabbed in Oceanside. He’ll be trading in his spiffy threads for an orange jumpsuit.

Act of Love: Police Sergeant Dave McGill adopts a neglected German Shepherd pup discovered at the home of two robbery suspects. He brought his new best friend home on Father’s Day.

Future Act: Hotel Laguna, our historic, iconic hotel, the beacon of Main Beach is changing hands Dec. 31st and VIBE is very excited about the future of this beloved landmark.

Final Act: Sawdust Artist, Dennis Junka, nickname “Junka Bear”; John Gardiner: Prolific Poet, Actor, Teacher, friend and lover of life; Stu Saffer, journalist and founder of Stu News Laguna, mentor to many, community stalwart, and baseball fanatic. Your spirits live on in Laguna.

Wishing you holiday cheer and a blissful new year!

Lisa Farber, Publisher