Joy Riding

Officer Joy Butterfield was recently awarded a Life Saving Medal at the Biennial Police Awards for her CPR skills on an unconscious male at the Woman’s Club. Joy has spent most of her years in public service but Law Enforcement offers a much more intense relationship with the community.

Police Academy was extremely regimented and provided excellent preparation for such a demanding job. After graduating, Joy started out on Beach Patrol, then Parking Service Officer, Records, Dispatch and now Officer. Eventually Joy hopes to join the ranks of Field Training Officer.
During a 4 hour ride-along from the front seat of her patrol car, equipped with flares, cones, trauma kit, ballistic shield, breathalyzer test, and “less lethal” 40mm launcher, Laguna garnered a whole new perspective. A man driving with a suspended license ran a red light and would have experienced a really bad day had it not been for a “Code 3” (lights and sirens) for a “902” (minor traffic collision), in the Canyon. A loudspeaker warning to a jay walker followed by a false alarm; an inebriated woman found in the doorway of her house; greetings to homeless people; a courtesy notice to a Stop Sign roller, and a group of trouble making teens, who were promptly schooled curbside, was “all in a days work”, as they say.
Joy is always friendly and never judgmental and feels her conduct both on and off duty reflect the Department. Working in Law Enforcement has allowed Joy to live her dream. Not only is every day unique but she’s able to serve and protect a community she’s honored to be a part of.