starty, starry night

On Friday’s at The Ranch, Craig Bobchin sets up his telescope on the 1st tee in time to get it acclimated for the ultimate viewing of the celestial Night Sky.
Craig’s fascination with Astronomy began with his first telescope at age 9 and he’s been sharing the wonders of the Night Sky ever since. Forty years later, his hobby is a bonafide business and his High-Power Refractor Telescope is now computerized. You simply punch in what you want to see and it goes there!
Tonight at The Ranch kids are awestruck as they behold planet Jupiter with its two cloud band rings and four moons orbiting the sun.
Craig has never seen a U.F.O. and thinks those who claim to see things don’t understand the Night Sky. The atmosphere plays a lot of funny tricks. Phone apps: Star Walk is free but if you want all the planet happenings invest in Sky Safari.
Expand your horizons and check out the stars with Craig. You’ll be amazed at how miniscule we really are in the grand scheme.