wai-sin floating cloud gallery

Floating Cloud Gallery
Floating Cloud Gallery artist, Wai-Sin Tong-Darbonne, is a master of Chinese calligraphy and watercolor on rice paper. Embracing her California lifestyle she blends East and West cultures with paint and brush, melding Eastern color palettes with the warmth of Western colors for each meaningful story she tells.
Since Wai-Sin’s childhood it has always been her mission to ignite the hearts of people through her paintings and to inspire their own connection with inner peace and hope. Adding to this, she and her husband, Psychologist Dr. Allen Darbonne, utilize a scientifically-based EEG neurofeedback method along with the power of her art to help artists break through their blocks and supercharge their creativity. These sessions are held at the Floating Cloud Gallery where clients relax surrounded by beautiful Fengshui art.
To take their mission further, Floating Cloud Gallery and Creative Well-Being Center offers the enjoyable, non-intrusive neurofeedback programs for adults and children with ADHD and PTSD, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, eating disorders, and for people affected by stroke, epilepsy or Asperger syndrome. CEO’s and professional athletes have also benefitted from this RE-BOOTING of the brain and regulation of the entire central nervous system.
Wai-Sin is currently putting together an international summit of artists, dealers, healers and coaches to share in a discussion called “The Art of Creating an Amazing Life”. For inquiries: 310.463.1916 or 949.464.9300 or email: wstongdarbonne@gmail.com