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    Foot Tar-Tar

    After 20 years of living at the beach, I stepped in my first tar bubble. Slightly panicked, I tried removing it with rubbing alcohol but to no avail. I then read that ice would freeze it and it would peel off but all that froze were my toes. What exactly was glued to my foot? […]

  • Business Spotlight
    Felipe Sterling: Whole Foods’ Whole Body Team Leader and author.
    Business Spotlight: Whole Foods

    Overwhelmed by the countless choices for wellness on the market today? Felipe gives you the 411 on all the vitamins and supplements at Whole Foods, Laguna Beach. After 50 years of personal experimentation he’s devoted his knowledge to educating the public about health, nutrition, supplements, astrology, metaphysics and natural hygiene. His book, “Archetype for Health: […]

  • Business Spotlight
    Business Spotlight: CryoCare USA

    The “Cryo-Craze” that has swept over Laguna is thanks to owner Sam Sharma and his team of “Cryo-Givers”. In just 2-3 minutes in a Cryosauna tissue damage due to inflammation can be repaired through exposure to the extremely cold temperatures. The cold can also boost the immune system, accelerate your metabolism and increase cell rejuvenation […]

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    Business Spotlight: Cho’s Academy

    Serving the community since 2009, Cho’s Academy offers Yoga, TaeKwonDo (Korean Kickboxing) and Brazilian JiuJitsu classes for all skill levels. Beginner sessions are available and all levels of experience are welcome. Instructors have at least a decade of training so you’ll be well guided. Stop in for their Spring Yoga Open House on April 30th […]

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    Revitalize, Recover, Rebuild

    Photo: Sam and Ashima Sharma At the forefront of today’s holistic treatments is Whole Body Cryotherapy. We’ve all spent time in our cold ocean’s waters and what Cryotherapy gives you is the revitalization going from cold to warm, but in just two minutes and without ever getting wet! CryoCareUSA owners, Sam Sharma and his wife […]