• Publisher's Note
    Happy Vibe 2016!

    Laguna Beach Vibe is back and we’re proclaiming 2016 as the year of inspiration and possibilities! Thanks to Brian Crawford for shooting this edition’s captivating cover with yogi Skyler Dearen at Treasure Island Beach. Brian’s yoga photography has attracted 18.5k followers on Instagram and we were stoked he was back in town to shoot the […]

  • Business Spotlight
    Yvonne Kohsel
    Yvonne Kohsel’s Resolution Solution

    RyPT is the MOST Unique Fitness Boutique in Laguna Beach! Yvonne Kohsel has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years inspiring clients to make healthy living a priority. This has lead to the creation of RyPT; a Rowing, Ryding and Pilates facility in Laguna Beach. This world class studio provides […]

  • Arts + Entertainment
    Renee Bangerter Art

    by Liz Goldner above: Renee Bangerter Renee Bangerter Art, one of Laguna’s newest art galleries, has gone through two incarnations since its 2012 opening as Laguna Ink Spot & Gallery. Looking back, Bangerter, who has been drawing and painting since her early childhood, was working as a mortgage banker for decades when the 2008 recession […]

  • Arts + Entertainment
    Gary Hicks
    On the Music Scene with Gary

    We have all heard the saying, “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll!” This is the assumed life style of a musician, but that’s changed over the years. For a working musician, late nights, bar food and free cocktails make it hard to live a healthy lifestyle. Keeping balance in anyone’s daily routine is a must […]

  • Arts + Entertainment
    MiC Immersion Program: Pray for a Cure

    Last month, an important step was taken to bring the world a little closer to peace. Seven teenagers from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith came together to write a song to spark cultural change and promote peace. Learning about each other’s faith made them realize they all have been victims of negative stereotyping. At […]